Silver Award, Kinship Basket Patch Project

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Please support Elizabeth's Girl Led Silver Award!
New Patch Program - Preorder opportunity! 
Elisabeth Wettern, a Cadette Girl Scout from Troop #6089, wrote to inquire about a custom patch for her Kinship Silver Award. So I asked her to call me. Much to my surprise, Elisabeth was the girl, not the mom working on the project. I was so excited! Well, not only did she call me, but she has spearheaded the entire project.
What a go-getter! The future has a lot of wonderful things in store for you, Elisabeth.
So a Kinship is when a family member takes in a niece, nephew, or grandchild. It is pretty much like foster care, but they don't get much help from the government, so we are making baskets full of supplies to help them. The baskets are then donated local child protective services department (CPS).
Elisabeth wants to share her patch program, hoping your girls will get inspired and make Kinship Baskets too!