Canoe 202 Patch

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As Scout leaders, it’s your mission to introduce new opportunities and experiences that help young girls grow. Canoe 101 and 202 presents a desirably inspiring patch for you to offer your troop. This two-part patch focuses on the facts and skills associated with canoeing, as well as providing a multitude of delightful activities even if you’re away from the water. You can now encourage your girls to craft their own miniature canoes with paper towel rolls and engage in group-oriented conversations about what kind of canoe journeys they could take should they have access to a boat.

This patch evokes feelings of confidence, resourcefulness, and camaraderie that all go hand-in hand with the Scout experience. As educators and role models, this patch is an opportunity to make sure your girls understand what kind of ecological stewardship is needed while they are out exploring nature and the riverbank. Alongside companionship, learning how to properly use equipment, strategize trips, how emergency preparedness is key - Canoe 101 & 202 offers so much more than just crafting a mini canoe!

  • Overall size when two pieces are together is 3 inches.
  • Laser Cut
  • Iron-on patch