Carson Courage Cars

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Carson Courage Cars is a community project! This is a new patch and is expected to arrive in mid-April 2021.

 Spread a little joy in honor of Carson Dean Cheney. This project was brought to us be a fellow leader and with the blessing of Carson Cheney's parents, With the blessing of Caron's parents, Hilary and Zac Cheney.

Carson Cheney a full-of-life 4 year boy who was rarely seen without a toy in hand. After his parents suffered the traumatic loss of their son in 2012, they were inspired to share his courage with the world. A year after his passing, Carson Cars was born and has touched the lives of many across the world. 




Now you to can participate and spread smiles just like he did when he was here on Earth. 

If you feel the desire to join in on the project, feel free to download the Carson Cars tag. Print the tags, purchase some Hotwheels or matchbox cars (as those were his favorite), attach the tag and then hide them around town and on trips where you think others would have fun finding them.

They like to think that Carson knows where each of these cars are hidden and that he helps those who need a smile to find them.

1. Download the tag file located at the bottom of this post.
2. Purchase new Hotwheels or Matchbox Cars
3. Affix the tag
4. Leave/hide in some fun place for a special random person to find. We also sometimes hand them out to children with the parents permission.
5. Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram @CarsonCourageCars of where you hid your car
6. Wait and see if the lucky finder posts their find. A lot of times the finders don’t post but we have witnessed people finding these Carson cars, and can attest that it creates a special moment where someone feels lucky and loved. 💗
Our family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.
*updated tags
6-up pdf tag version:
2-up jpg tag version for photo printing:


Learn more about Carson:

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Carson Cheney was the sweetest and most fun nearly 5 year old kid who brought enormous amounts of joy to those around him. He had such a great attitude about doing hard things and genuinely loved people. Carson was in a sudden deadly tragedy that took place in a Park City, Utah Cemetery, July 5,2012 and is greatly missed, every single day.

We believe it was his life mission to make people happy, he LOVED to laugh and make others laugh. He was determined and not easily discouraged. When he put his mind to something, he wouldn't stop until he mastered it.
He learned to ride his bike in two days when he was only 2 years old. He didn't even want to waste time with training wheels, he knew he could do it, and he did! He also learned to read before he started kindergarten and could write his name so well.

We have coined the term, "Carson Courage" to remind us of Carson's courageous attitude and also as a reminder to each of us to have courage each day as we face the trials and challenges of mortality. We look forward to the day we are reunited with our dear son.

Carson's parents are so grateful for the love and support of so many to keep Carson's memory alive. Every time a car is placed, found and posted, it gives our family a little more strength to continue in our journey. Carson made friends wherever he went and he loved everyone. It's so neat to see that he can continue to do that, even though he isn't physically here anymore.