Flippin for Juliette Patch

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The "Flippin for Juliette" patch is the perfect way to honor the legacy of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts, and celebrate her love for cooking and hospitality.

To earn this patch, scouts can host a pancake breakfast in honor of Juliette, where they flip pancakes with joy and pride. Scouts can get creative with their pancake toppings, and even try making some of Juliette's favorite breakfast dishes.

But flipping pancakes isn't the only way to earn this patch. Scouts can also "flip" for Juliette by practicing kindness and hospitality, just like she did. They can organize a food drive for a local shelter, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or even bake treats for their friends and family.

Another way to earn this patch is by learning more about Juliette's life and accomplishments. Scouts can read books about her, watch documentaries, or visit a local Girl Scouts museum or historical site.

No matter how scouts choose to earn this patch, they'll be honoring the spirit of Juliette Gordon Low and the values she instilled in the Girl Scouts. So let's get flippin' and celebrate this inspiring woman and the legacy she left behind!