Color & Decorate Your Own Merry Mask Making Patch Set

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*Main Patch is $2.15, and mini charms are .55 cents each. Each piece must be ordered separately to form the set. 

We're bringing Ugly back! Mask up and pull out those hideous plain ole masks because they're about to get ugly!

The Merry Mask Making patch is a unique design for your own patch. The main mask patch is designed for girls to color in with their favorite colors. It also has 5 different charm patches that attach to the main mask patch with small rings. These 5 small patch charms provide girls with several opportunities for activities throughout the holiday season. Choose 4 of the 5 different little charms for girls to earn.

1. Color it in
2. Add special charms that commemorate some fun activities.
3. The overall patch and charms will be 3 inches.
4. Patches are iron-on
5. Mini Patches are iron-on and include a metal ring.
6. Color in the patch with markers. Preferably fabric markers.

Click on the Inspiring Ideas tab, for inspiring ideas on how to earn this patch. *Reminder the ideas offered are not limiting or requirements on ways to earn this patch. 

Inspiring Ideas

Merry Mask Making patch 

The main patch is an artistic piece of art unique to 2020, it makes for a fun activity as you can color in the patch with markers.

As an activity, Get your girls together over zoom and DIY your ugly masks. It's a fun project and you can turn it into a fun virtual challenge. Yes, they are tacky, ridiculous, totally unnecessary, but a fun project.

1. PINE CONE: This little PINE CONE charm promises lots of outdoor learning opportunities for your girls. Did you know that there are different types of pine trees and that they produce different types of pinecones? If you didn’t know, now you will. Ready, set, get! Your walking shoes on and become a pinecone detective! Here are a few suggestions on activities you can do to earn this charm while discovering the great outdoors. 

· Make a difference in seniors’ lives this holiday! Make simple bio-degradable bird feeders to adorn trees that'll bring birds flocking right outside a window for seniors to enjoy.

Print activity for this project here:

· Create nature-inspired crafts/ornaments using twigs, seashells, rocks, wood trimmings, pinecones, etc.…to display for the holidays.

· Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

· Become a pine tree/pinecone detective study of the different types of pine cones and pine trees.

· Experiment with pinecone science discovers why pinecones open and close. Where does the pine tree grow from?.

· Make pinecone bird feeders.

2. PEACE DOVE: This little PEACE DOVE charm packs in a whole lot of LOVE! By providing your girls with opportunities on how they can make the world a better place through random acts of kindness. Here are a few suggestions on how to earn the PEACE DOVE charm.

· Meet with your girls and create 25 days of the service advent calendar. Come up with simple ways to let others know you care. Example: DAY 1: call someone you love to let them know you care and that you are always there to listen.

· Play a snowflake scavenger hunt teaches girls that just like snowflakes, we are all unique and special in our own way. Find 5 friends and find out what makes them unique.

· Make the holidays a little brighter for seniors at nursing homes by delivering homemade holiday cards.

· Make the holidays extra special for essential workers by making and delivering an ugly mask. 

· Stage and early morning “chalk attack” pick a street on or near your house and write/draw messages of peace and love on sidewalks for others to enjoy.

· Create Peace Dove cards with messages of peace and hope and deliver them throughout your community.

3. MITTEN: What does it really mean to give the gift of something? When girls work on earning their MITTEN charm, they will explore the different ways of gifting and being gifted.

· Be an angel this year and Adopt A Family, celebrate the joy of giving by delivering gifts for the family. Contact a local organization such as YMCA and they will connect you with a family that fits your giving needs.  

· Give the gift of cheer stuff stockings for the homeless with small personal care items and deliver them to your local shelter for distribution.

· Give the gift of talent to teach a younger child how to do something you are good at.

· Give the gift of play make easy fleece braid toys for puppies and donate to your local pet shelter.

· Give the gift of gratitude to learn about philanthropy and what it means. Create an online scavenger hunt that leads girls to philanthropic companies and learn about their missions—examples: Toms shoes, Newman's Own, Pura Vida, BoxLunch.

- Give warm gloves and hand warmers to your mailperson or UPS delivery person. Your mailman or woman work so hard in the rain, snow, and sleet, and it can get chilly! Please show your appreciation by giving them some warm gloves and hand warmers during the holiday season. It will help them get through those cold days!

- You’ve been Tinseled! Check out this family's post on how they found an easy way to give small gifts to others in their neighborhood!

- Host a Fuzzy Holiday Sock exchange. Write each person’s name on a small piece of paper. Place all participants' names in a bowl and have a moderator at your meeting call each person to pick a name out of the bowl. After all, names have been chosen, make sure no one has their own name 😊. It’s time to get some fuzzy socks that match your secret sock partner. Many stores sell them; they have all kinds of cool prints on them; find a pair that you think your secret sock partner will love and drop them off with a warm wishes hand made a note.

- Prepare a meal together as a family and take it to a sick or elderly friend. You can use this free “From Our Kitchen to Yours” printable for baking/reheating instructions.

4. ORNAMENT: The ORNAMENT charm is designed to help girls discover all the fun things about holidays worldwide! Look up ways that others around the world celebrate the holidays. What kind of ornaments/decorations do they use? What are some of the traditions that make their celebrations special? Here are some examples to get you started.

· Learn how Russia celebrates the holidays. Make a Matryoshka nesting doll set representing your family.

· Look up how to make woven paper baskets that Hans Christian Andersen made back in 1860 find out where they come from and how they are used.

· It's time for a virtual STEAM wars challenge! Celebrate Chinese New Year with an amazing STEAM activity your girls will truly love! Have girls create a dragon made with recyclables such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, sticks, paper fasteners, etc.. host a virtual meeting for them to share and vote on for their favorite creation.

· English “crackers” are decorative tubes with little gifts and trinkets hidden inside. Traditionally, two people pop open an English cracker by pulling on either end at the same time. You can make your own similar English cracker gift tube with toilet paper tubes and wrapping paper. Fill the tubes with gifts, candy, small trinkets, and wrap them with wrapping paper. Tie the ends with ribbon and have the children give them as gifts to friends or place them at the dinner table.

· Dala horses are ornaments made in Sweden. Have girls create their own Dala horse to display or make another version of an ornament for the holiday they celebrate!

· Have a Merry Little Ornament workshop. Present the girls with several DIY ornament projects they can either complete independently or all together via a virtual meeting call. We really like this Wish List Ornament you can make with paint, wooden spool, paper, and twine. (Google to find step  by step  instructions)

· Make a Nutcracker Ornament.

5. GINGERBREAD HOUSE: When we think of holidays, we also think of delicious meals and baked goods to share. The GINGERBREAD HOUSE charm will be a way for girls to discover new cooking/baking skills and ways to share their new love for cooking with others!
· Host a virtual cookie recipe exchange, during the meeting, bake your own recipe and share your recipe with others.

· Bake and bag individual baggies with dog treats to donate to your local pet shelter.

· Learn a new cookie recipe from another part of the world and test your baking skills.

· What’s the best meal of the day? Girls decide! Let girls plan out their favorite meal of the day and test their cooking skills by planning the menu and hosting a family member to enjoy it.

· Discover other ways to have fun with food! Make a traditional gingerbread house, create marshmallow snowmen, make holiday cake pops, Rice Krispie treat reindeers or any other holiday-inspired treats.


*Reminder the ideas offered are not limiting or requirements on ways to earn this patch.