The First Woman But Not the Last, Kamala Harris Patch

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  • 2.5”x 3”
  • Laser-cut border
  • Iron-on

Celebrate a triumphant moment in history for women, and also commemorate Black History month with this wonderful patch.

After all these years – centuries, really – the United States has its first Woman Vice President and for many women and girls, the inauguration of Kamala Harris was a moment of triumph.

Kamala Harris is not only the first woman elected vice president, she also breaks ground as the first Black woman and the first person of South Asian descent to hold the position.

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1. Talk to girls

- What The First Female Vice President-Elect Means For Women
- Learn about who Kamala Harris is.
- What role will she have?

- What would you do if you were Vice President?

2. February is Black History Month, a time the country highlights and celebrates the accomplishments of Black Americans. Include activities to celebrate what few would argue that Kamala Harris' recent swearing in as vice president of the United States will be remembered as an important moment in American history.

3. Create an Art Piece (for all ages)

Support girls as they learn more, discover cultural impacts, and follow movements through to the present day. Bring art and history together by recreating a decoupage poster that combines the past with the future.