Top Koality! 2022 Is Going to Be a Cookie Season to Remember (2 PIECE OPTION AVAILABLE)

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New Design! Availability of patches is in real-time.  

***Please look at your order and date to see when your order will be shipped:


All patches order prior to March 9th, have been processed and are being shipped as of Saturday, March 26.

As of March 10 - reordered another batch of both patches. This batch is expected to arrive in early to mid-April. 

Reordered another batch on March 20  - Expected to arrive on or around mid April.  

***Reordered another batch as of March 31 if you order as of today your order will arrive late April.

****As of April 14th another small batch was reordered. The patches will arrive in May. 


Patches are available while supplies last. In the event, you need a larger order or we’re out of stock and you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me, Maggie, by email at

 *This is not a set. Each piece is sold separately (these are two separate patches)

* This patch is a pre-order and it cannot be canceled or refund