Let's Get Loud, Camp Song Challenge

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Alright, ladies, hold onto your antlers because we've got a moose-tastic new design in town! 🦌 Introducing the "Let's Get Loud" Camp Song Challenge patch—where our moose is ready to rock the campfire with some seriously groovy tunes! 🎶 Featuringa Girl Scout singing her mouth out so loud, even the crocodile, bumblebee, and moose are in awe of her skills! 🎤

I've spent hours—okay, maybe days—perfecting this beautiful patch, channeling my inner moose whisperer I started today at 6am finally put it all together at 2pm. 

Big shoutout to Gaby, a fearless leader who not only let me run wild with my moose-inspired wording and design but also spilled the beans on how the girls can earn this hilarious patch. Thanks, Gaby, for embracing the moose mania! 🙌

This patch is perfect for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, practically anytime you'd like to hear some some good 'ole Camp Songs.
The patch will be embroidered, iron on and 3.2-3.5"
Here's a suggested breakdown by level:

Daisies (Grades K-1):

Learn 3 camp songs.
Participate in a group sing-along or performance of at least one song.
Create a simple art project related to one of the songs learned.
Brownies (Grades 2-3):

Learn 5 camp songs.
Perform at least two songs solo or in a small group.
Write or illustrate a short story inspired by one of the songs.
Juniors (Grades 4-5):

Learn 7 camp songs, including at least one with harmonies or additional verses.
Lead a sing-along session for younger Girl Scouts or at a community event.
Arrange or adapt a camp song for a different musical style or instrument.
Cadettes (Grades 6-8):

Learn 10 camp songs, incorporating more complex melodies or arrangements.
Organize and host a campfire event, including song selection and logistics.
Collaborate with peers to create a music video or audio recording of a camp song.
Seniors (Grades 9-10):

Learn 12 camp songs, demonstrating proficiency in vocal technique and expression.
Plan and lead a campfire program for a larger audience, such as at a troop camping trip or council event.
Teach a camp song to a group of younger Girl Scouts or at a local school or community organization.
Ambassadors (Grades 11-12):

Learn 15 camp songs, showcasing advanced skills in musical interpretation and performance.
Design and implement a community service project involving campfire sing-alongs or music therapy.
Create an original camp song or medley to commemorate their Girl Scout journey and experiences.
Adjust the requirements and expectations based on the abilities and interests of the participants, and encourage girls to challenge themselves while having fun and fostering a love for camp songs and music.