Who is Mad About Patches?

Hi my name is Maggie and Mad is my daughter Madison, a 14 year old creative, smart, empowered girl who is also a girl scout. I'm a native Floridian born in Miami, Florida. I am also a Mother, Wife, Graphic Designer, Kidney Transplant Survivor, and Girl Scout. I recently moved to Alexandria, VA back in 2016 and I love this place especially the four seasons. I was an Executive Recruiter for the majority of my career, but back in 2010 I fell ill and life as I knew it changed just like that. Which is when I discovered my passion for Graphic Design which was life saving. I also got recruited to join Girl Scouts which was also great at the time, because my daughter really needed it. I soon started taking on new roles with girl scouts to include Troop Leader, SU Product Manager and Recruiter. But I also designed Flyers and Patches as needed for my SU and Council. In 2016 when we moved, Madi and I decided to collaborate and start running our own little patch shop, hence Mad About Patches. Madi draws, and I create and we both run this shop together in hopes we can deliver some awesome patches and activity to you. So whether you're a girl scout or fan we are ecstatic and grateful you have visited our shop and look forward to working with each and every one of you.


We also pride ourselves on our custom Design Work, please feel free to contact me anytime, if you'd like more information madcurlsdesigns@gmail.com or contact me 305-987-6771.