Reindeer Games

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Girls can earn this patch by participating in a variety of reindeer-inspired activities. They can make their own reindeer antlers and play reindeer games like pin the nose on Rudolph or a reindeer relay race. They can also get creative and make their own reindeer-themed crafts, like reindeer headbands or a reindeer ornament for their tree.

But the best way to earn the "Reindeer Games" patch is by spreading some holiday cheer with others. Girls can organize a reindeer-themed holiday party and invite friends and family to join in on the fun. They can also donate to a local charity that supports reindeer and their habitats, or even adopt a reindeer at a nearby zoo or sanctuary.

No matter how they choose to celebrate the season, earning the "Reindeer Games" patch is a fun and festive way for girls to embrace the magic of the holidays. So let's spread some reindeer cheer and earn this awesome patch together!