Summer Scrapbook Program Kit!

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Are you ready to capture the magic of summer with our Summer Scrapbook Program Kit? 📸✨
Attention Leaders! Introducing our Summer Scrapbook Program Kit, a comprehensive resource designed to ignite creativity and preserve unforgettable summer adventures for girls of all ages, from Daisies to Ambassadors. 🌺🎨
This special kit includes everything you need to create a personalized and meaningful scrapbook experience. Inside, you'll find:
  • 12 (12x12) Vibrant Pages: Bursting with endless possibilities, each page offers a colorful background and interactive elements. These blank canvases are ready to be filled with the joy, laughter, and excitement of your scouts' summer stories. 🌈📒
  • Over 100 Page Titles: Choose from a wide selection of page titles to spark inspiration and add a touch of creativity to your scrapbook. These titles will help you capture the essence of each memory and create unique page themes.
  • Activities for the Summer: Discover a range of engaging activities specially designed to enhance the summer experience.
  • Keepsake Ideas: Find inspiration for creating meaningful keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Explore ideas for preserving pressed flowers, creating photo collages, and more.
  • Cut-Out Inserts: Enhance your pages with whimsical cut-out inserts that add a delightful touch to your scrapbook. These inserts can be easily trimmed and placed on your pages, adding a unique element of design and decoration.
  • Scout Certificate: Celebrate your scouts' accomplishments with a beautifully designed Scout Certificate.
This kit includes an amazing points program designed to earn the Summer Scrapbook Patch! The points program encourages each level of Girl Scouts to complete a specific number of pages:
  • Daisies: Complete 5 pages
  • Brownies: Complete 6 pages
  • Juniors: Complete 7 pages
  • Cadettes: Complete 10 pages
  • Seniors: Complete 15 pages
  • Ambassadors: Complete 20 pages
To order the certificate and patch please visit:
By completing the required number of pages, your scouts can earn the Summer Scrapbook Patch as a symbol of their creativity, perseverance, and dedication throughout the summer.
This kit is available as a printable download, allowing you instant access to all the materials. Simply purchase one copy, and you can share it with your troop. Please remember not to share outside of your troop to honor the integrity of the program.