Chillin' Like a Villain

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Descendants inspired movie patch. In stock. 

As leaders, it's important to provide an environment of friendship and camaraderie for the girls in your troop! That's why we created our patch, 'Chillin' Like a Villain'. Showing that even our favorite infamous villains can have positive traits of loyalty and trustworthiness when explored in a thoughtful way.

With the help of this patch, you'll be able to teach your girls about understanding all sides of a story and ethical complexity, no matter how 'villainous' it might seem. With lighthearted discussion about some of Disney's most classic movies, you'll be able to explore aspects such as loyalty and trustworthiness with your troop. Encourage everyone to consider what values are important for them to possess if they want to be both loyal and trustworthy.

This fun patch is sure to get your girls thinking outside the box and exploring new perspectives on familiar stories. What better way to show support for those growing minds? Together you can discuss core values - like loyalty and trustworthiness - while allowing them space to define what these mean each in their own unique ways. Let's make Chillin' Like a Villain your next badge!

-2.75 "

-Laser-Cut border

-Iron-on backing