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Welcome to Cirque – the perfect way to inspire creativity and teamwork in your scouts!  Cirque Du Soleil has perfected the fine art of captivating audiences with acrobatics, stunts, and costumes that capture the imagination. Now you can bring a piece of that excitement directly to your troop in the form of our Cirque patch.

Envision a group of your scouts gathering together over colorful fabrics, glitter and feathers as they craft unique costumes for their new circus-like performances. Then watch them take those creations and weave together an incredible physical feat with skillful props like hula hoops, juggling balls or flowing scarves. This could be the perfect project for kickstarting teambuilding within your troop, as it encourages everyone to reach out and show off their own unique style.

So go ahead and take this wonderful opportunity – purchase our Cirque patch today, and give your girls the chance to shine!


2.75 in.

Laser Cut Iron on