Dr. Seuss Birthday Scout Patch

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Oh, my dear Scouts, listen to me, Do you want a patch that's fun as can be? It's time to celebrate a birthday so grand, The one and only Dr. Seuss, a man so grand!

With this patch, you'll feel like Thing One or Thing Two, And you'll celebrate in Seuss-ical hues. The Cat in the Hat will be your guide, As you explore the world on the Dr. Seuss Birthday ride.

You'll read some books, oh so wacky and weird, And you'll think up rhymes that are strange, but endear. You'll dress up in red and white striped socks, And take a silly photo, that'll really rock.

So join us now, on this journey so bright, And earn this patch, with all of your might. For a Dr. Seuss Birthday is truly unique, And this patch is the perfect way to complete!