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Adorned with gold thread this patch is simply beautiful. There is a compass and then there's an inner compass. We all have it.  It’s an amazingly accurate and reliable resource that is working all the time to guide and inspire you. It's that little voice

  1. Size: 2.0 x 3" tall (this patch is tall and not wide)
  2. Iron-on
  3. Laser Cut Patch
  4. Check out our Inspiring Ideas tab for ideas. 


Complete some of these challenges in order to earn this patch. (depending on the level or ages, set the number of activities you think would be appropriate to be completed.)

· Instead of simply creating a “To Do lList” for yourself, create a “To Be List” of what you aspire to to work in and beyond? 

·  Teach girls how to use a compass.

·  Have a discussion about what their inner compass is and how it guides us when we follow different paths.

·  Read a book about Women who became firsts in their careers by following their heart and their inner compass or books that inspire girls to navigate the magical adventures of life.

·  Create a positive thought bracelet. You can string beads, dry hollow noodles, buttons, paperclips, paper rings…whatever you’ve got hanging around your house. Make it fun and engaging, choose beads or items to string together that is meaningful.

·  Create a Positive Passport, They write positive thoughts in the booklet and then collect a stamp for every “positive thought.”  Leaders get your self or make custom stamps and stamp their booklets every time you catch them thinking positively.

·  What You Think is Your Greatest Treasure. Talk about and practice thinking Treasure Thoughts, the jewels of your mind.  Do something like this or something similar. Go to the dollar store and buy some jewel stickers to make flashcards that illustrate all those treasures.

·  Discover all Women that followed their inner compass and became the first females in their field. 

Book ideas:

"101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World" by Julia Adams (Author)

"Champions of Change: 25 Women Who Made History" by Naomi Watkins, Katherine Kitterman (Authors)

Your Inner Compass That Could by Kristin S Pierce (Author)