Aim For Kindness 7-piece Patch Set

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New!  Next batch of charms arrive on or around mid Aug. 

"Spread Kindness and Earn Your Charms: Join other Scouts' 'Aim for Kindness' Patch Adventure!"

Embark on a heartwarming journey with the Girl Scouts as they make a difference in their community and earn their beautiful 'Aim for Kindness' patch. Each enchanting charm represents a remarkable act of compassion that these extraordinary girls have accomplished. From assisting foster children to brightening the lives of nursing home residents, their acts of kindness will inspire and touch your heart.

7- piece set:
Main Patch will be $2.15
Each charms is $1.65 per charm.
These charms must be shipped in a bubble mail package because USPS doesn't allow anything bulky to be shipped in an envelope. No matter how many patches and charm you order there is a flat fee of $4.00 for shipping. Taxes and fees included.
- Main Patch with 6 loops (iron on, laser cut, no bigger than 3")
- Each charm is hard metal NOT PLASTIC - Colors are exquisite and shine bright. and include a lobster clasp already attached to the charm. These are extremelly secure.
  • The girls worked with the foster closet
  • They donated clothing to their downtown rescue mission
  • They make birthday in a bag kids for the nursing home.
  • They sing at the nursing home
  • Go to the cemetery and put wreaths for the military.
  • Donate cookies to soldiers
  • Walk for cancer
  • For Valentine’s Day they make care packages for the assisted living center
  • Make toys and bake treats for animals and their local shelter.