I AM GROOT, Save the Galaxy Plant a Tree

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- Groot Challenge available with purchase!

 "Calling all nature lovers! 🌱🌿🍃 Our Groot patch is the perfect way to show your commitment to the environment. Scouts can earn this patch by completing tasks like creating a butterfly garden, building a birdhouse, and conserving water. Let's work together to make the world a better place, one patch at a time! #GrootPatch #EarthDay #NatureLovers".

The patch is 100 times more beautiful in person, and the details are amazing. This one of a kind patch was designed with the concept of Saving the planet! Get the girls engaged in saving the earth one tree a a time.

-2.75 inch patch 
-iron-on patch

Are you ready to take action?

More ideas:
1. Instructions on how to make seed bombs:


2. Create garden markers using popsicle sticks, painted rocks, or paint sticks.

3. Award girls with a certificate to generate excitement and commemorate the day.

4. Select a book to read to your girls or discuss as a group.

5. Make a seed mosaic using seeds, glue, and construction paper.

6. Use a magnifying glass to inspect different kinds of seeds.

We've got our beautiful groot patch your girls can earn.

Don't forget to grow the movement by sharing pictures on girl led social media groups!

If your girls love Minecraft:

Challenge girls to create a garden and plant a seed there too!