Heartful Donations

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Make a meaningful, lasting impact in the world with the inspiring and empowering Heartfelt Donations patch! This unique and beautiful patch is a perfect addition to any  uniform — proudly representing commitment, kindness, generosity, and the willingness to make a positive difference in the world.

When you add Heartfelt Donations to your uniform, you’ll be reminded of your powerful potential to create change through giving and volunteering! Whether it's organizing a fundraiser, working on a service project, or donating time or resources to a worthy cause, this special symbol will serve as an uplifting reminder that you can make a profound difference every single day.

When your troop gets together for meetings or fundraising events wearing the Heartfelt Donations patch, it's a clear and proud expression of how much power passionate individuals can have when united for good. Show everyone just how special  Scouts are with this unique and special patch — and inspire those around you to take action making the world better for us all!