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Build A Bundle of Patches (Prices as low as $1.60 per patch)
Build A Bundle of Patches (Prices as low as $1.60 per patch)
Build A Bundle of Patches (Prices as low as $1.60 per patch)
100 PATCH BUNDLE $1.90 per patch150 PATCH BUNDLE $1.80 per patch200 PATCH BUNDLE $1.65 per patch


Introducing our new bundle option: Create your own bundle and save big! 🎉

Ready to save? With our custom bundle option, you can enjoy one flat price for all the patches in your order, regardless of their regular price. It's the perfect opportunity to maximize your savings while designing your very own collection of patches.

  • With our Build Your Own Bundle deal, you have the freedom to mix and match from all of our patches, regardless of their individual prices. As long as you order them as a bundle, you can create a custom selection that includes any patches you desire.
  • This means you can choose from a range of designs, styles, and price points to create a bundle that perfectly fits your budget and preferences.
  • If for any reason we are running low or out of stock of a particular patch you have selected, don't worry. We will order the patch for you and send your entire order together once it is in stock. This means you can still enjoy the savings and convenience of our Build Your Own Bundle deal without any interruptions or delays.
  • Best of all, we offer a flat shipping fee on all orders, regardless of size or weight. This means you can order as many patches as you want and not have to worry about excessive shipping costs.
  • Service Unit Savings ideas: Leaders, join forces with other leaders to save big on patches! By pooling your orders and forming a bundle, you can unlock significant savings. Instead of paying regular prices, all patches in the bundle will be available at one flat rate, determined by the bundle you choose. It's a win-win situation – you save money while still getting the patches you need for your troops. Let's maximize your purchasing power and create a bundle that benefits us all!

How to order.

1. Review all of the patches in our shop. (sets of patches do not qualify)

2. Write down your order based on the bundle you've chosen. Add your bundle to your cart.

3. During checkout please add to notes section your order. 

4. If we are running low on a patch we will contact you and let you know when the patch will be back in stock. If the patch has to be reordered we will do so immediately and send the order as soon as those patches arrive. If you have any question please contact Maggie at or text me at 305-987-6771.

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  • Mix and Max from our entire patch collection.

  • Flat Rate Priority Shipping.

  • Customization: Limit of one customized patch per bundle.

  • All fees included.

  • We'll reorder any patch that's low in stock.

  • Choose any patch regardless of price including preorder.

    Choose any patch regardless of price including preorder.

  • High quality patches with iron backing.

  • Contact Maggie at, if you have any questions.