The Truest Magic is Family

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Get ready to embrace the magic of family and celebrate your unique culture with the "The Truest Magic is Family" patch! This patch is inspired by the hit Disney movie, Encanto, and is all about embracing your family's traditions and heritage.

To earn this patch, girls can celebrate  their family's culture in a variety of ways. They can learn about their family's history and traditions, including their favorite foods, music, and stories. Girls can also create their own family tree and share it with their troop to learn more about each other's cultures.

But the best way to earn the "The Truest Magic is Family" patch is by sharing your family's culture with others. Girls can host a cultural fair or potluck and invite their friends and community to learn about their traditions. They can also create their own cultural crafts or artwork and share it with others.

No matter how they choose to earn this patch, girls will have fun embracing their family's traditions and learning about the diverse cultures within their community.