Girl Scouts Through the Decades

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Girl Scout Through the Decades" Patch Activity Program - Explore the Rich History of Girl Scouts.

Description: Unlock the journey to earn your "Girl Scout Through the Decades" patch by delving into the captivating history of Girl Scouts! 🕰️

🌟 About the Patch: This patch is your passport to discovering the remarkable legacy of Girl Scouts, aptly named "Girl Scout Through the Decades." Scouts will have the opportunity to connect with those who paved the way and uncover the excitement in timeless traditions. To purchase head over to

🔍 What Scouts Will Experience: Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as you witness the fascinating evolution of Girl Scouts through the decades. Our history and idea-packed activity program includes:

📖 11 Pages of Insights

🎉 10 Themed Activities

✂️ Craft Cut-Outs: 

🍪 Cookbook Template

🌿 Nature Signal Guide