46th Presidential Inauguration Patch

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Looking for an inauguration patch? No matter your party or your views I respectfully decided to design a patch. The inauguration is a moment in history that will take place on Jan. 20th. If you'd like to commemorate this time-honored tradition in our nation and learn about the presidential address and practices, I hope you'll consider ordering and earning our patch.
All activities can be completed individually with your troop or family.
- Join a Zoom Meeting Webinar being offered on Jan. 19th by whitehousehistory.org
- Have girls write down their predictions and hopes for the next year's, the changes they anticipate seeing in the USA.
- Leaders come up with various facts and scenarios for your girls and have them guess which party the facts are associated with.
- Watch the Inauguration Coverage on TV this year being hosted by Tom Hanks.
- Oath Scramble Challenge
Write the presidential oath of office one word at a time on index cards or squares of paper (one set per team). Be sure to mix up the team's words. On your go have teams race to get words in the correct order.
- 2021 Presidential Trivia Questions for Kids https://www.nymetroparents.com/article/president-trivia-questions-for-kids
- 2021 “I Spy” Presidential Inauguration Printable
- Inaugural Activities and Discussion Questions https://ourwhitehouse.org/inaugural-activities-and-discussion-questions/
- Learn all about “Champ and Major” : The First Dogs preorder the book, https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/677641/champ-and-major-first-dogs-by-joy-mccullough-illustrated-by-sheyda-abvabi-best/
- Kamala Harris Internet Scavenger Hunt. Research basic facts about Vice President Kamala Harris.


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  • Iron-on backing