Back To Troop Patch

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New version as of 8/8/23 . Patches will in stock by early Sept and will ship immediately. 

 Back to Troop Patch knows that spending time with your troop buddies is a blast! What better way to celebrate than with this colorful patch? Girls can earn it by playing some fun, engaging ice-breaker games like "Beach Ball Question Toss" or "Skit-tell Us." 

For "Beach Ball Question Toss," blow up the beach ball and write a few questions on each section of the ball. Toss the ball around the room and whoever catches it answers the question in the section under their left thumb.

To play "Skit-tell Us," Grab some Skittles and gather girls in a circle. Each girl should blindly pick a Skittle from a bag and depending on which color they pick, answer a corresponding question from a pre-made chart. For example: orange skittle - "What's a cool place you've visited?" Play until everyone has a turn.