Back To Troop Patch

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Celebrate going back to meeting with your girls with this bright colorful patch perfect for all levels.
To earn the patch have girls must complete 3-4 of the following activities.
  1. Girls met their troop responsibility ie: Registration, dues, uniform, and health forms
  2. Have girls sign a "Code of conduct" form of some type (Leaders must provide)
  3. Parent/Guardian Agreement is signed
  4. Re-commit to the Promise and Law. Plan an investiture and rededication ceremony.
Team-building activities that help reconnect girls
  1. Beach Ball Question Toss
  2. Skit-tell Us: Grab some Skittles and gather girls in a circle. Each girl should blindly pick a Skittle from a bag and depending on what color they pick, they answer a corresponding question from a pre-made chart. For example, orange skittle: somewhere cool they visited, green skittle: something positive they want to talk about. So on and so on...
  3. Whistle a Happy Tune: Divide your girls into two groups and ask for the best “whistler” in each group. Set the timer for 10 seconds and give each whistler a bowl of familiar tunes (like nursery rhymes or scout songs, etc.). Both teams go at the same time and try to whistle the tune for their team while the team guesses. The twist is that by picking them out of the bowl, they won’t be whistling the same song at once, which adds to the chaos and calamity. Have them crunch up a cracker in their mouth first (no swallowing!) for a fun — and slightly messy — challenge!
  4. Picture This - Give everyone a paper plate and marker. Have students put the plates on their heads and give them 60 seconds to write their names and draw one activity they are interested in or something they want to experience. In the end, ask them to share their picture with the group and see if fellow members can guess what the drawing is.
  5. Clay Chaos - Get enough clay or dough for groups of four to work with. Sit your girls in a circle and give every fourth person a lump of dough. When you say go, give them an object to create, but when you say “left,” they have to pass it to the left and the next person works on the creation for a few seconds. Keep switching people from left to right or left several times. See what gets created after several switches. Change it up and the next time around, and after several switches, tell the next person to destroy the creation and make something completely new. This is a great conversation starter for how God must feel when we try to make ourselves into something we’re not or be something we’re not created to be.
  6. Birthday Bash - Surprise the girls with a birthday bash. Since you may not have been able to meet in person. Celebrate everyone’s birthday in one fell swoop!
Have fun and stay safe!