because I said I would 2022 challenge

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Ring in the new year or work on this awesome project at anytime of the year. This patch is idea all year long. It’s never to late to start writing your intentions!

We have an awesome New Design we’d like to share! *Expected to arrive late Jan, early Feb.

This custom patch is inspired by the social movement started by a teacher in 2014. He came up with a simple promise card to inspire others to keep their promises,


The promise cards can be used in a variety of ways to increase a sense of personal responsibility or impress upon others the importance of a promise.

1. Write a promise on your Promise Card and give it to the person you’re making the commitment to. When you fulfill the promise you earn the card back from them. Keep it as a reminder that you are a person of your word.

2. The Trade

Use this method to encourage another to make a promise! You write down a promise and tell the person that you will keep the promise IF they keep theirs. They also write a promise and you exchange cards as a symbol of commitment.

3. Troop Promise Wall

Have everyone in your family, team or organization write a Promise Card and stick it on the wall. People love to read each other’s commitments because promises can give you a unique look into someone else’s life. Bonus idea: Make one section “Promises Made” and another section “Promises Kept.” Once a promise is kept, it moves from one section of the wall to the other!

4. Bookmark

Write the date you promise to finish the book by and use the Promise Card as a bookmark.

5. Tally Marks

If you have a promise that involves doing the same thing several times (e.g. workout 5 days a week for 2 weeks), make a tally mark on your Promise Card every time you succeed. It’s really satisfying to see the tally marks add up.

6. Laminate for Your Wallet

Laminate your Promise Card and keep it in your wallet as a consistent reminder.

7. The Daily Stack

Promising FOREVER can sometimes be intimidating. Instead, just promise something for today (e.g. I will not chew my nails). Then write a new Promise Card with the same promise on it tomorrow. You can add a date to each card if you’d like. See how high you can stack the cards. Daily promises make challenging goals seem a little less overwhelming

8. Write It on Your Shoes

Write because I said I would with a permanent marker on your shoes. That’s what Bobby did when he ran the Boston Marathon after the bombs exploded.

How to print cards.
Only use the cards to make promises that will better humanity and bring good into this world.
Try to use recycled paper when printing and making copies of these cards.
Do not print any logos, slogans or other promotional wording of any kind on these cards.