Bigfoot Can Do It SO Can You! Leave No Trace Patch (2) Colors Available

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Scout leaders, are you looking for the right patch to inspire your troops and remind them of their responsibility to protect the outdoors? Look no further! "Bigfoot Can Do It, So Can You" is just what you need! This patch is a great reminder that if a mythical creature like Bigfoot can stay outdoors without leaving a trace, your Girl Scouts can too!

Help teach why it’s important to clean up after yourself while also having some fun with this inspiring and witty patch. Use it on Earth Day or Arbor Day, as a special activity or any time of the year as a way to help keep our planet healthy. Ask your girls to take action in their own communities with a local clean-up or crafting birdfeeders and other useful items out of recyclables.

"Bigfoot Can Do It, So Can You" is perfect for inspiring scouts to be responsible outdoor citizens – help make sure your troops are prepared for an outdoor adventure like no other with this one-of-a-kind patch!
  • -2.75 inches
  • laser cut border
  • Iron-on backing