Candy Badges

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*Girl Scout Candy Badge Collection

Unlock the world of sweet delights with our Candy Badge Collection for Girl Scouts! Each badge represents a unique shape and a delicious journey through the land of candies.

Circle Badge Requirements:

  • Attend a cooking or baking class and learn to craft circular treats.
  • Demonstrate portion control by serving circular candies to a group.
  • Participate in a community service project involving circular treats.

Triangle Badge Requirements:

  • Explore the cultural significance of triangular candies.
  • Create a presentation showcasing different triangular candies.
  • Organize a taste-testing event featuring triangle-shaped sweets.

Diamond Badge Requirements:

  • Study the science behind candy making, focusing on diamond shapes.
  • Create a candy-themed craft project using diamond-shaped molds.
  • Host a diamond-themed fundraiser or donation drive with local businesses.

Rectangle Badge Requirements:

  • Research the history of rectangular candies.
  • Develop a candy buffet budget for a Girl Scout event.
  • Create a scrapbook documenting candy-related activities.