Here Together Friends Forever

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Among the many lessons in friendship one can take away from these lovable characters here’s some of our favorites.

1. Create a diverse group of friends.

The characters in Winnie-the-Pooh couldn’t be more different if they tried, but that’s what makes them work so well together. They all have unique ideas, bring new things to the table, and are able to create an incredibly diverse group so that everyone feels welcome and like they belong. A great lesson for anyone, right? The lesson here? Diversify your friend group. Welcome friendships with those who seem totally different from you and accept them for who they are.

2. Admire your friends’ opinions, even if you don’t agree.

Tigger can be a bit much for people, especially Rabbit, but no matter what differences the characters all face, they still remain friends. Pooh doesn’t drop Eeyore for being sad and down. Rabbit doesn’t kick Tigger out of the group for being too wild and impulsive. They each offer their own advice and opinions, but no matter what, they admire each other and respect their differences.




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