Cookies and Cocoa

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 Let's spread some sweet holiday cheer! Scout leaders, this one's for you! With our Cookies and Cocoa patch, you can make a special party that all your girls will love. Are your girls in the spirit of giving and looking forward to the holidays? Treat them to a festive cookie exchange!

Girls can bring their favorite holiday cookies for everyone to sample and swap with each other. With these delicious cookies, the can also get to learn how to make their own hot cocoa from scratch. They can make the hot cocoa with cocoa powder, sugar, and milk – plus anything extra that catches their fancy! Marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles – why not add some yummy treats on top? 

Reward your girls and call out their awesomeness this holiday season – with the Cookies and Cocoa patch! With your guidance, they'll get the chance to nurture a generous and kind spirit while having fun and discovering newfound skills in baking and cooking- all with lots of sweetness.