DIY Girl Patch

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Introduce your girls to the world of "DO IT YOURSELF" Projects, this patch teaches independence and creativity with fun interactive activities for any level. Learn about the usefulness of DIY Projects

What is the origin of do it yourself?

1. Learn about the DIY movement through the centuries.
2. DIY depends on learning how to use the tools you need.
3. Discuss which products can be made at home?
4. Discuss why DIY good for you?
6. Instead of sounding like a history lesson, D-I-Y a women's history through a hands-on craft.
*Here are 3 projects inspired by amazing women in history.
5. Challenge girls to make their own DIY project or choose a DIY project they can make.

Follow these 6 steps to develop and complete the DIY project.

1. Come up with an idea. ...
2. Plan how you will make it. ...
3. Source what you will need to make your DIY project....
4. Figure out how much it will cost.
5. Complete your project
6. Share it with your troop.

6. Discuss why the DIYas it relates to the maker movement so important today.



- 2.75 inch patch
-Laser cut, iron-on patch



- Activity Sheet Available and a link will be provided during checkout and will be emailed. (downloadable .PDF) 

- Activity Sheets will not be physically mailed. I specialize in designing patches and these ideas, are meant to help inspire leaders with ideas to earn the embroidered patch. For additional ideas to earn our lovely patch please search  Google or Pinterest.