Easter Hopscotch Challenge

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 Introduce your troop to the delightfully fun Easter Hopscotch Challenge! This patch is perfect for all those scouts who love a good challenge and can’t resist the classic game of hopscotch and hopping from one Easter activity to the next. With the "Easter Hopscotch Challenge" patch, scouts can test their Easter skills and compete with their peers to see who can make it through the course in the fastest time. The adorable bunny depicted on the patch adds a special touch of Easter magic to this classic game. 

• Girl Scouts can challenge themselves by trying out fun Easter activities such as:
- Crafting a special Easter basket
- Making homemade decorations
- Preparing an egg-themed snack

• These can include baking and decorating Easter cookies, creating homemade Easter cards, or decorating eggs with traditional and non-traditional methods.
• Girls Scouts can also practice crafting skills to make paper wreaths or other decorations for their homes.
• Other activities such as reading children’s stories about the joys of Easter and collecting items for a springtime scavenger hunt are encouraged too.


We believe that physical activity is a critical part of personal growth and development, which makes the Easter Hopscotch Challenge such an excellent addition to our collection of patches. Not only will your troop have an absolute blast hopping their way to victory, they'll also be developing important motor skills like balance and coordination. Plus, competitions foster teamwork and friendly competition - two traits any leader should be proud to encourage in her troop! 

So join us in celebrating Easter this season – pick up your Easter Hopscotch Challenge patch today and get ready for some physical fitness-boosting fun!