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Are you EGG-CITED about celebrating Easter with your girls? This challenge is all about hopping from one activity to the next while celebrating and learning the importance of Easter.

Activity Sheet link: https://tinyurl.com/5emwe9rz

  • In this challenge, girls can complete up to 9 challenges including a 10th challenge which can be any activity you wish to add related to Easter activities.
  • Next, descramble the answers written into numbers which will give them the HOP pattern girls will use to complete each challenge on the grid. Girls are free to complete as many activities as they like.
  • Record and earn points using the record sheet we've included. Leaders, we encourage you to include a reward system that works for all ages. For Younger girls: stickers, and for tweens and teens: maybe tokens they can earn throughout the day that can be exchanged for reward items.
  • The game of Hopscotch helps children to manage body rhythm, which is the core of numerous other skills.
  • Body strengthbalanceeye/hand coordination, and more. 
  • Where and when did the Hopscotch game originate? Hopscotch is centuries old and dates back to the days of Ancient Rome. The Hopscotch court was used to help Roman foot soldiers to improve their footwork as they ran the course in full armor.

To Play the Game

1. To play toss a small object onto the numbered boxes.

2. Throw the object until you land on the number associated with the challenge you completed. 

3. Have your hop pattern ready. The LETTER DECODER is included in the activity sheet provided.  Happy Hopping!


 EASTER HOPSCOTCH Challenge: No physical activity sheets will be mailed. Activity will link will appear at check out and also when patches are filled. 


On slips of paper, create special reward coupons to be redeemed—
like, stay up 15 minutes later, skip a chore for a day, or get an extra
bedtime story.
Tricks for Treats
Include a task or trick to complete to receive a candy treat—complete
a handstand, sing an Itsy-Bitsy Spider, recite the alphabet backward,
name five state capitals, dance like your dad, act like your mom, tell a
joke, hop like a bunny. If there is a large age difference, egg hunters can
be assigned to a specific color, so their task is age-appropriate.
Reverse Roles
Have your kiddos write the rewards they want (within reason) and place
them in each egg. Let the kids hide the eggs for the parents to find in a
given amount of time. The kids get to keep and redeem any unfound eggs!
Treasure Hunt
Each egg can direct them with clues to the next hidden egg. At the end
of the hunt, they will find their Easter basket of treasure!
Egg Relay Race
One kiddo goes to find a hidden egg. Once one egg is found,
they run back to the next person who hunts for an egg.
They win when their team has found all of the eggs.
(Remember to count the number hidden!)
Glow in the Dark
Add a glow stick or a battery-operated tea light inside your
plastic egg and hide at night! You may need to fold your
glow stick to fit in the egg with candy. Use a little tape
to secure closed if needed.
Easter Treat Tag
Create a treat t-shirt for an older teen or parent to
wear. Hot glue or use strong tape to adhere a mix of
plastic eggs filled with candy, candy bars, snack bags,
or small toys directly to the t-shirt. In an open area, the
kids can snatch off a prize from the shirt to keep, if they
can catch the person! Make sure to attach treats low
around the hem for little kiddos to reach and make sure
they get an opportunity too.

 Egg-cellent Egg Dying Ideas

Check, Check
Create a check pattern by applying vertical and horizontal lines with washi tape. To create a two-tone effect, dip once in the dye for five minutes for a darker color. Remove tape and repeat for about 3 minutes to create a second lighter shade.
Go Natural
Use natural ingredients like beets, purple cabbage, turmeric, onion skin, coffee grounds, and blueberries to create beautiful hues. Simmer natural ingredients in a cup of water with a dash of vinegar. Leave to soak in the refrigerator overnight for the deepest color.
Rice is Nice
Dye hard-boiled eggs in a spectacular speckled pattern by dropping food coloring onto plain rice. Give it a gentle shake to create this unique dotted color explosion.
Watercolors Wonderful
Let your inner artist loose on a canvas of white eggs. Use inexpensive watercolor paint to dab, draw, cover, and create your masterpiece.
Knot a Bad Idea
Make organic shapes and stripes using twine. Wrap the hard-boiled egg in baker’s twine and dye. Allow time to dry and remove string
to see the white lines and string marks.
Tattoo Your Eggs
Apply temporary tattoos to your dried, colored eggs. There are so many patterns and designs to choose from!