Empowered Girls Change the World

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Every young girl has amazing potential within her - our "Empowered Girls Change The World" patch makes it easy to remind them of this every day. Let your Scouts show off their enthusiasm and determination with our heartfelt patches! They make a vivid statement of ambition and motivation, prompting conversation and sparking social change.

Our patches symbolize the compassionate spirit that lies within every young girl looking to make a difference in the world, whether it be social change or eco-conservation. Sew on backpacks or uniform sashes - their message of hope and courage will surely stay with them at anytime they reach for the stars towards achieving their dreams.

"Empowered Girls Change The World" is an ideal reminder for all Scout leaders to find ways to ensure today's youth feel inspired to rise up and challenge injustice, no matter how daunting it may seem. Be proud that you can be part of something greater than yourself! Together we can make sure these girls are strong enough take on whatever challenges come their way!