Ferdinand inspired Patch "Be True To Yourself"

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Introducing the "Ferdinand-inspired Patch: Be True To Yourself," the perfect addition to any Scout's collection! Inspired by the lovable character Ferdinand from the heartwarming Disney movie, this patch is a reminder to always stay true to yourself and to embrace your unique qualities.

Earning this patch is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts to practice self-discovery and self-expression. To earn this patch troops can embrace their inner Ferdinand! Encourage girls to identify and celebrate their unique qualities, just like Ferdinand does. Whether it's a special talent, a favorite hobby, or a particular interest, help them recognize the importance of staying true to themselves.

By earning this patch, girls will not only have a fun and inspiring addition to their  collection, but they will also develop important life skills such as self-confidence, kindness, and leadership. Let's celebrate the uniqueness of every girl and encourage them to always stay true to themselves!


-2.75 inches

-Laser cut edge (not merrow)

-Iron-on backing