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the main patch and charms. Each sold separately.


GIVING BACK to the community all year long with this wonderful patch and charm set. It's like 6 patches all in one. Order as you go or buy the whole set, it's up to you. 

This is a great way for scouts to plan, organize and deliver items to various organizations throughout the year.  

The patch represents (5) items
1. Donating for animals - Dog Bone Charm
2. Donating Food - Preservatives Charms to represent food
3. Donating items for babies - Onsie Charm to represent infants or children
4. Donating Toys - Skateboard Charm to represent toys
5. Donating Books - Book charm to represent books

Iron on the main patch first, except for the loops. Let's say you visit a dog shelter this month and donate treats or dog toys you made with your scouts or yourself, at this point you would clip on the bone. You repeat this every-time you donate an item to an organization that represents one of these symbols.

The Patch and Charms are sold separately. Make sure you click on the items separately and add them to your cart. If you'd like to do this as a troop or Service Unit and want to promote your concept and get everyone excited you will need a fantastic flyer.  If you are ordering these for your troop I will edit this flyer and send it to you back in jpg. format perfect for posting or printing. At no additional cost to your troop or SU. 

If you're interested in a flyer email me with the details to swap out based on the black boxes and I will change this for you, you can also change the months and the order in which you are collecting items.  At no charge. Email me at



Patch: 2.75 inches w/ 5 loops

Charms: 1 inch/enamel metal with lobster clasp