Gnoming Around Town Quest and Printable

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Go on a Gnome Hunt, but watch out this gnome is fast and tricky! Don’t worry he’s
left you some clues to some of the places he’s been to while visiting your town.
Solve the riddles, and you’ll find the gnome. If you spot him, make sure to snap a
picture and share it with your gnomies.


A little background on how this idea came to fruition:

So I recently designed a custom patch for a leader for an activity the city calls, Gnoming Around Town. The city places gnomes statues around the city and parks and s riddles its’ residents solve like a regular Sherlock Gnomes!

But don't worry you don't have a bunch of gnome statues!

1. Instead of statues use stickers or signs. 
2. Create riddles for your troop remember that the makeup of everyone’s neighborhoods, home, block, and or town is different. 

Benefits of this 

1. Get your troop OUTSIDE!
2. Interact with the community which you never know can eventually become loyal cookie customers!
3. This is something good for the whole family.
4. Kids benefit immensely by playing detective games improves their analytical and critical thinking skills because they have to ask questions, looking for clues, and put them together to solve puzzles.


Here's what is included to help you plan your event.: 

  1. Patch
  2. Self-printable gnome signs you can use as stickers or signs.
  3. Self-printable  Journal Sheet

Check out the Oldsmar City site for inspiration: