Heart to Unite

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Looking for a way to inspire your troop to be a true hero? Check out our "Heart to Unite" patch, inspired by the story of Raya from Disney's hit movie!

This patch is about bringing people together and fighting for what's right, just like Raya herself. Featuring an adorable design of Raya and her animal companion, this patch is the perfect way to celebrate your troops own journey of bravery and unity.

So how can your girls earn this "Heart to Unite" patch? It's simple! All they have to do is complete a service project that brings people together. This could be anything from organizing a food drive for a local charity to hosting a cultural event that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Whatever project is chosen, they'll be following in the footsteps of Raya and showing that the power of unity can overcome any obstacle. 

Order your Heart to Unite patch today and watch your girls become  true heroes for the ages!


  • 2.75" 
  • laser cut with an iron-on backing.