Juliette Jones and the Quest for the Lost Pearls of Virtue

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Hey Scout Leaders, ever dreamed of turning your troop meeting into an Indiana Jones movie?

This is an adventure too good to miss! This is a self printable guide. Perfect for a small or big troop. A meeting or a camp program. Low cost and flexible. An Indiana Jones adventure your girls can play more than once. Created for daisies and brownies but easily adaptable for older girls too.

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  • No Time to Plan? No worries! Our ready-to-go guide has you covered.
  • What's Included: 30 sheets of self-printable, exciting materials—map, leader guide, girl's passport, printable stamps for the passport, certificates, and a story sheet.
  • Budget-Friendly: Most materials are things you already have or can easily find.
  • Age-Appropriate: Perfect for Daisies to Cadettes. Easy-peasy for Daisies and Brownies!
  • Quick & Engaging: 5-7 minute activities keep the girls hooked.
  • Passport Fun: Girls will adore collecting stamps and pearls in their very own adventure passport.
  • Indiana Jones Thrills: Each activity is a mini adventure, complete with Indy-style excitement.
  • Meaningful Girl Scout Moments: Activities are tailored to resonate with core Girl Scout values.
  • Flexibility: Do as many or as few parts as you like. Best of all, girls can play more than once!
  • Dynamic Map Play: Girls can work the map in different ways, creating a buzz of movement and excitement all over the room!
  • The program is designed to be both a mystery adventure and an educational experience. All while learning about core Girl Scout values. Each station focuses on a different virtue like Wisdom, Courage, or Unity, and includes activities that make the learning process interactive and fun. So it's a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, and meaningful lessons!
  • Patch Note: The exclusive patch is sold separately.

Unlock the mystery, have a blast, and earn an exclusive patch.