Mary Poppins Inspired Patch

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Here are some ways you can earn our adorable patch and learn some valuable lessons. To order our patch head over to (We have lots more in stock and ready to ship)

1. So here's a link to fun activity packet that includes coloring sheets, and (5) activities -…/MaryPoppinsReturns_pdf_5c196d524c…

2. After watching the movie talk to your girls.

*Talk about the many lessons that Mary Poppins teaches the Banks family. What are the key things they learn from her?

*Who's a role model in this story? What are some of their character strengths? Why are empathy and gratitude so important?

3. What I find so magical about Mary Poppins is that in every job that must be done, she always adds an element of fun, and SNAP! The job’s a game this before you know it she makes whatever task that seems impossible to tackle, possible and that's why she practically perfect in every way!

Here are 4 ways you can add an element of fun and SNAP you'll make your meeting a game! Try to add an element of fun to your next meeting and keep the girls engaged, keep it a surprise, your girls will never see this coming!

***Start with an icebreaker***
Use the first 10 minutes as a social mixer or icebreaker.

Play catch-ball:

Everyone stands in a circle.
You take a rubber ball and throw it randomly at one person.
He/she shares his weekend experience or funny incident and then throws the ball to another random person.
Not following any pattern makes it a lot more fun!
Sometimes people miss catching the ball…and that leads to some laughs too!

***Start with a pop-quiz***

Perhaps, pertaining to Girl Scout history or even cookies trivia.

***Try a crazy location***
This will add an element of fun and reignite originality.

***Start with tossing some balloons***
Try brainstorming for new ideas using this fun balloon game - Have girls write ideas to an issue or maybe their cookie goals on a piece of paper (one per sheet), fold the paper and put it inside a balloon. Then blow up the balloons, toss them around for 30 seconds and then let each girl catch one balloon. Let them pop out the idea sheet from their balloon and build on that idea.

Using another girls idea to build a up the excitement and also leads to creative and original ventures.

4. Here are 9 life lessons you can learn from after watching Mary Poppins Returns.…/18428…/mary-poppins-life-lessons/

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