May The Forest Be With You Program

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*This item is a self printable program. 

Summon your girls, leaders! We’ve designed an adventure program like no other for our, “May the Forest Be With You” patch, where girls can scout the outdoors and unleash the fun of the Force!

The program is fun and unique great for all ages, also excellent for independent girls! Designed to be easy to set up with clear instructions, ready-to-use materials, and templates like the nature journal and map template plus a participation certificate.

Highlights Include:

- 9 Engaging Pages of Activities
- 10 Themed Adventures combining art, science, and stewardship
-A Customizable Nature Journal Template
-An Adventurous Map Template for explorations
-A Celebratory Completion -Certificate for all participants

One of my favorite activities in the program has to be Galactic Nature Quest"! Imagine navigating your troop through alien landscapes, right in your backyard! Equip them with their nature journals as they map out 'extraterrestrial' flora and fauna. It's like a bioblitz in the Star Wars galaxy—may your adventures be as thriving as Endor’s forests!

💫 Don’t forget to enhance the experience:

-Dress Up: Encourage scouts to wear Star Wars-themed attire.
-Decor: Transform your space with galaxy banners and lightsabers.
-Soundscape: Use iconic music and sound effects during sessions.
-Galactic Language: Incorporate phrases like “May the Force be with you” into communication.


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