Mommy and Me Spilling the Tea

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New Mommy and Me spilling the Tea Printable. *Commemorative Patch sold separately. 

This Mother's Day, celebrate the incredible bond between mothers and daughters. It's not just about the tea parties; it's about the shared moments that become lifelong memories.

My daughter, Madi and I really wanted all of you to have to giggle, bond, and have some good ol' fashioned fun? So we came up with Mommy and Me Spilling the Tea Program to go along with our Mother Daughter Patch which is gorgeous!

Where mothers and daughters come together to test how well they truly know each other. Inspired by the classic Newlywed Game, 'Mommy & Me Spilling the Tea' invites you to explore a delightful mix of questions that are as revealing as they are entertaining.

With this Budget-Friendly and Effortless Planning Fun Game and a keepsake craft you and your daughter can customize which by the way will last a lifetime you and your daughter will be taking about this experience forever!

Perfect for:

- All ages
- Juliette’s
- Troop meetings
- Mother’s Day celebrations
- Adding laughter to your tea time

Get Ready To:

Share laughs that warm the heart like a cozy cup of chamomile.
Discover the hilarious "truths" you never knew about each other.
Strengthen the unbreakable bond in the most delightful way.

What’s Included?

- A fantastic printable game filled with mother-daughter bonding moments.
- A beautiful Mothers Day Tea Party certificate.
- “Happy Mothers Day Spilling The Tea” letter print and cut banner
- Among the treasures of our 'Mommy & Me Spilling the Tea' program, discover an included activity craft that transforms fun into forever. Create a keepsake with love and laughter that will last a lifetime, capturing the heart of this Mother’s Day like no other. (It’s inexpensive too)

Ready to Create Lasting Memories? Get Your Program and Patch Now!

All you need to order is one activity sheet and it will serve for your entire troop. This is a self principal activity sheet. Nothing will be mailed. Patch is sold separately.

What to Expect:

  • Classic Game, New Twist: Just like the Newlywed Game, you’ll answer questions about each other, uncovering surprising facts and sharing laughs along the way.
  • Deepen Your Bond: Through playful inquiry and shared stories, discover more about each other and strengthen your unique bond.
  • Moments of Joy: Prepare for laughter, surprises, and maybe even a few ‘aha!’ moments as you navigate through each question.
  • Memorable Takeaways: Beyond fun, this game is a chance to grow closer, creating lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

 “Mommy & Me Spilling the Tea" provides a platform for Girl Scouts to develop essential life skills in a fun and supportive environment, reinforcing the Girl Scout values of courage, confidence, and character.


*Get the exclusive troop experience with our self-printable pack! It's designed for individual troop enjoyment to ensure your event is unique. Kindly remember, each troop should order their own pack to honor the nature of our program we’ve taken the time to create for you.