Music Unites Us, Trolls World Tour Inspired Activity Patch

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This patch is fun and cool for all ages but it's also meant for an activity where your scouts get to add their own friendship bracelet right into the front panel of the patch.

Inspired by the new Trolls movie coming soon girls are sure to rock this patch, It allows you to promote positive vibes and it's perfect for all sorts of events, such as  WTD where you can highlight music from other countries scouts love to listen to.

Ideal for your movie Day, year-end party, karaoke, music camp, theater buffs, WTD, Dance party, etc....

WE ARE ADDING GLITTER! I cannot wait for girls to get these!
  1. The patches are iron-on
  2. Laser-cut and ready for you to insert your own DIY Bracelet.
  3. The hand will be 100% embroidered!
  4. Size 3 x 2 inches.
Size of bracelet: (bracelet not included)
  1. You should start with about 7 inches of string I recently had Madi make me a mock-up and she used 4 colors and doubled them up and again I'll add the details soon.
The width should be 1/4 of an inch and the final length no more than 1.5 inches, for the center that will rest on the front panel of the patch not including the fringe.
* The quarterfoil shape which are the (4) interlinking circles on the door is not to be confused with the official GS trefoil.