Mystery Solver Patch

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Are you a natural-born problem solver? Do you love to find clues and solve mysteries? Then you need the "Mystery Solver" patch! This patch is all about using your detective skills to solve puzzles and crack the case.

To earn this patch, girls can show off their sleuthing skills in a variety of ways. They can participate in a mystery scavenger hunt, solve a challenging riddle or puzzle, or even create their own mystery for their troop to solve. Girls can also work on their critical thinking skills and practice making deductions and drawing conclusions.

But the best way to earn the "Mystery Solver" patch is by being a problem solver in everyday life. Girls can help their friends and family with their problems, come up with creative solutions to challenges they face, and be leaders within their community by using their problem-solving skills to make a difference.

No matter how they choose to earn this patch, girls will have fun using their minds to solve puzzles and mysteries, and feel empowered as they become problem-solving superstars. So let's put on our detective hats and earn the "Mystery Solver" patch together!



-2.75  inches overall patch

-laser cut patch