Nailed It! Cake Challenge

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Attention all scouts with a sweet tooth! Get ready to earn the "Nailed It! Cake Challenge" patch, and show off your baking skills!

This patch is perfect for all the girls who love to bake and decorate delicious cakes with their favorite designs. You'll have the chance to compete in a fun and challenging cake-decorating competition, and show off your creativity and baking prowess.

To earn this patch, you can bake and decorate your own cake with colorful frosting, sprinkles, and decorations. You can also team up with your fellow Scouts to create a group masterpiece, with each of you contributing your own unique designs.

But that's not all! "Nailed It! Cake Challenge" patch also challenges you to think creatively and design cakes that promote values like teamwork, kindness, and inclusivity. You'll learn how to work with others, how to be respectful of different perspectives, and how to use your baking skills to spread joy and happiness.