National Ice Cream Month 2023 Custom Patch

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If your girls love Ice Cream, National Ice Cream Month coming up this July. This is a custom order for 2023 patch you can order. Limited quantities will be available. Inventory is in real time. 

New 2023 National Ice Cream Month design! Check out last years, it was gorgeous. Patches expected to ship late June. 


⭐️ Here are Ideas to help you plan an impromptu meeting with your girls.

⭐️ Remember to adapt these ideas to fit your specific Girl Scout group's age range

1. Ice Cream Tasting: Organize an ice cream tasting event where Girl Scouts can sample different flavors and varieties of ice cream. They can learn about the different ingredients, textures, and tastes.

2. Ice Cream History: Research the history of ice cream and its significance in American culture. Girl Scouts can create presentations or displays to showcase what they've learned.

3. Ice Cream Science: Explore the science behind making ice cream. Girls can learn about the freezing process, the role of ingredients, and how different methods affect the final product. They can even make their own ice cream using different techniques.
4. Ice Cream Social: Host an ice cream social where Girl Scouts invite their friends and families to enjoy ice cream together. They can organize games, activities, and even make homemade toppings or sauces.

5. Ice Cream Field Trip: Plan a visit to a local ice cream parlor or a dairy farm that produces ice cream. Girl Scouts can learn about the process of making ice cream on a larger scale and have the opportunity to ask questions to the professionals.

6. Ice Cream Art: Explore the artistic side of ice cream by organizing an ice cream-themed art project. Girls can create ice cream-inspired paintings, sculptures, or even design their own ice cream-themed clothing or accessories.

7. Ice Cream Nutrition: Learn about the nutritional aspects of ice cream. Discuss the ingredients, different types of ice cream (e.g., gelato, sorbet), and how to make healthier choices when enjoying this treat.

8. Ice Cream Community Service: Engage in a community service project related to ice cream. Girl Scouts can organize an ice cream drive or fundraiser to support a local charity or community organization.

9. Ice Cream Cookbook: Collaborate on creating an ice cream cookbook featuring favorite recipes from Girl Scouts and their families. They can collect and share recipes, stories, and tips on making delicious ice cream treats.

10. Ice Cream Entrepreneurship: Encourage Girl Scouts to create their own ice cream business. They can develop a business plan, design their own ice cream flavors, and even try selling their creations at local events or farmers' markets.