National Ice Cream Month Program

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This program is the ultimate in ice cream fun, featuring two exciting activities and a gorgeous certificate valued at $5! (This is a self printable program) 

Ice Cream Crawl: Discover the Best Scoops in Town! Gear up for the ultimate ice cream adventure with our Ice Cream Crawl! Embark on a delicious journey visiting local ice cream shops, tasting and rating their unique flavors. Fill out your Ice Cream Crawl card with each shop's name and your favorite flavors. Discover new favorites and see which shop wins your heart. This adventure is all about exploration, fun, and, of course, lots of tasty treats!

Rank that Ice Cream Challenge: See Which Comes Out on Top! Join your fellow Girl Scouts in the Rank that Ice Cream Challenge! Taste and evaluate five popular ice cream varieties – Eclair, Chipwich, King Cone, Bomb Pop, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Use the score sheets to rank each treat based on taste and overall enjoyment. Share your scores and thoughts in a fun group discussion, then find out which ice cream is crowned the ultimate treat. This challenge is packed with delicious fun and friendly competition!

Do not share, this is for your troops use only!

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