Never Stop Stargazing

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Make stargazing your next activity! The one entirely free resource most of us have access to is the beautiful night sky above. For a spectacular experience that is free stargazing is a constantly changing show that allows for great conversation and bonding. It fosters inspiration and imagination, alleviates stress, and increases happiness. 


-2.75 inches
-laser cut (gold border)



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- Activity Sheets will not be physically mailed. I specialize in designing patches and these ideas, are meant to help inspire leaders with ideas to earn the embroidered patch. For add




More Inspiring ideas:

The one entirely free resource most of us have access to is the beautiful night sky above. Offer girls and boys a fun, interactive patch challenge.
1. Get to know the apparent motion of the night sky.
Step outside and note the position of a pattern of stars against a foreground object like a chimney pot or washing line. Now step outside an hour later, stand at the same position and you’ll notice the stars will have moved relative to the foreground object. You can track the changing of the stars’ positions at the same time night after night, as they rise in the east 4 minutes earlier each day. Over the course of a month, it’s a two-hour difference. So stars rising at 10 pm in October can be seen at 8 pm by November.
As a result of this movement, each season has its own constellations, which is why it takes a year to learn the sky and not just one night.
* If you have a digital camera, you can capture this stellar motion in a type of photograph known as a star trail.
2 Teach yourself the constellations. A good way of learning the constellations is to download one of many stargazing apps for smartphones and tablets
3. Learn how to star hop.
Star-hopping is a simple yet rewarding way of locating your way across the night sky The idea is to find bright, familiar stars and constellations in the night sky that will help you find other, perhaps less bright, less familiar objects.
4. Grab a pair of binoculars and observe the surface of the Moon
5. And if you’re feeling artistic, sketch it!
6. Spot the International Space Station in the night sky
7. Become a citizen scientist here are some of the current popular research projects available to anyone with a computer and in some cases even just a smartphone!

8. Find and view the planets together.

9. Spend an early morning watching a meteor shower.

10 Have fun making star maps

Part 1 - circular sky map.

Part 2 , which is the star wheel's outer sleeve.

11. Download a star-viewing app, such as Night Sky, for maps of the actual sky above you.

12. Discover a planet with Kepler Exoplanet Transit Hunt (3) sites to help you understand Exoplanet Hunt.

13. Build a handmade telescope

14, Use this opportunity to either build a fire or introduce your girls to how to build a campfire and how to be safe.