Friendsgiving Plate Party Patch

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 Looking for an awesome Friendsgiving activity for your holiday party? The will arrive in November and they are going to be amazing.

What you’ll need

  • Plain white ceramic plate (available at any dollar store) ***Buy your plates at the dollar store!!!***
  • Black, fine-tipped permanent marker, such as a Sharpie


  • Choose a recipient you'd like to pass this on to.
  • Have your girls choose from pre-written wording options, or they can write their own.
  • Write the words with a thin, black Sharpie around the outside edge of the plate.
  • Invite your kids to decorate the plate with a simple design. Remind them not to draw over their wording.
  • Optional: Then bake the plate in a 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes. Cool completely. Your creation will then be permanent if washed by hand.
  • Package your treats on the newly-decorated plate. Consider adding a card full of well-wishes and cheer.
  • Deliver your giving plate to a neighbor or friend.

Reflection Questions

  • How would you feel if you received this gift?
  • Why did you choose the person you did to receive your gift?
  • How would we know if someone was having a bad day and may need a little extra kindness?
  • Have you ever thought of doing a kind thing for a neighbor or friend, but decided not to out of nervousness? How could you overcome your shyness in the future?