Off To Neverland

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Unlock your Neverland adventure with this magical Peter Pan Scout Patch! ✨🍃🧚‍♂️Spread your wings and embark on a thrilling day of movie watching and games!

Here are two fun games your girls will absolutely love!
Peter Pan's Shadow Tag
  1. Choose a spacious outdoor area with enough room for the scouts to run around freely.
  2. Designate one scout as "Peter Pan" and another as "Peter Pan's Shadow." Provide them with green and black bandanas or hats to differentiate them from the rest of the group.
  3. The objective for "Peter Pan" is to catch their "Shadow," while the other scouts are "Lost Boys" who try to help "Peter Pan" by tagging the "Shadow." Once tagged, a "Lost Boy" must freeze in place.
  4. The "Shadow" can unfreeze "Lost Boys" by tagging them, but must avoid getting caught by "Peter Pan."
  5. When "Peter Pan" catches their "Shadow," switch roles and restart the game.
  6. Continue playing, allowing everyone to take turns as "Peter Pan" and their "Shadow." Encourage teamwork, strategy, and lots of fun in this magical chase!
Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust Relay Race
  1. Create two or more teams of scouts, depending on the size of your group. Each team should have an equal number of members.
  2. Set up a starting line and a finish line, spaced a good distance apart. Place a small container of "pixie dust" (glitter, colored sand, or confetti) at the starting line for each team.
  3. Provide each scout with a plastic spoon. The objective is to transport the "pixie dust" from the starting line to the finish line, one spoonful at a time, without spilling it.
  4. The first scout in each team must scoop a spoonful of "pixie dust" and race to the finish line, then carefully pour it into an empty container. Once they have transferred their spoonful, they run back to the starting line and hand the spoon to the next team member.
  5. Continue this relay race until every scout has had a turn. The team that transfers the most "pixie dust" to the finish line container wins!
  6. Emphasize teamwork, balance, and agility in this enchanting race, inspired by Tinker Bell's magical pixie dust!