Painting in the Wind

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Go outside and use the environment as your inspiration, or for raw materials.


1. Paint with leaves and flowers Using natural vegetation is so fun and rewarding, and supplies are incredibly easy to find. Leaves and flowers can be used as stencils and masks; just lay them on paper, fabric, or canvas, and paint over them. The silhouette shapes they leave are stunning. Or, use them as printing tools. Brayer or brush acrylic paint over a leaf or sturdy flower, press it onto a substrate, and you have an instant artful print. Layering leaf and floral shapes looks fantastic.


2. Make your own art tools: Mark making is such an integral part of mixed media, and it’s a robust way of developing your own voice and style. Tons of ready-made tools are perfect for making marks, such as combs, wiry paintbrushes, and dip pens, but it’s really rewarding to make your own. Take a walk outside and open your eyes to what you can use to make marks: feathers, twigs, grasses, pine needles, seed pods, and shells are just a few items. If a piece is large enough (like a feather) you can use it as is, or lash it to a sturdy twig or branch using glue and twine.


3. Add texture and color with sand: Sand is a great textural element to add to artwork; you just need something in which to suspend it.


4. Make cyanotype sun prints - Instructions   courtesy of