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 - The purpose of these activities is to teach girls about prioritizing their dreams and goals, keeping them handy to reflect upon, and thinking through action steps to make them happen. After all, smart wishers know we can’t just count on magic genies to grant our every wish!

1. Draw your dream

This activity allows girls to draw a goal or hope they have for the future and
allows them to look back at it as they progress through their life. Although,
goals and dreams can change this picture will remind them to always strive
for what they want.

1. As they arrive give them a blank piece of paper and have them draw themselves in the future. This should be what their dream or goal for the future will look like. Some examples could be to live in a foreign country, to join the military, to be a doctor/dancer/singer, to be a wife/mom, to have a nice car/house, to go to college, etc.

2. Once completed, discuss with the group.
3. After this initial discussion you may want to dig a little deeper and ask questions like:
•What needs to happen for each of us to succeed?
•Who will help us accomplish this dream?
•When should these things start?

The girls should understand these are personal goals, but others will be needed to succeed, and there are things that can be done now to ensure success.
For example: if being a dancer/singer is their goal, they can practice talking in front of people, performing, and practicing good sportsmanship towards others performing also.


2. Make a vision board or vision box
Making a vision board or box will help each girl to visualize their goals on a daily basis.

1. Give each girl a poster board or box. Using a box allows the girl to use it as a memory box, placing small mementos or keepsakes from adventures that they took. (Although every memento they keep may not directly relate to hope, dream, or goal, all the things they do in life lead up to what they want most in the world.)
2. Then have them decorate the board/box and paste/draw pictures of hopes, dreams, and goals all over the board/box. Place somewhere so it can be seen all the time as a reminder.

3. Fower Power Activity
This activity leads girls into a discussion about why we need to be kind to others and raise every person up instead of tear each other down. Girls should be able to find a way to compliment everyone they see throughout the day.
1. Have each child draw the middle of the flower on the paper with their name written in the middle.
2. ADULT: Make sure flower petals are precut. Each girl should have a petal for every child in the group.
3. Every girl should write a word that best describes the others in their group. After they write the word have them glue that petal to add it to their friend’s flower.
4. Make sure there are no duplicates on someone’s flower.
For example, Sally thinks Susan is kind. Sally then writes the word kind on a petal and glues it to Susan’s flower.
5. Each girl should give an example of why they gave each girl that specific word as they are gluing it onto the flower.
6. At the end of the activity each girl should have a flower that describes them as others see them.

4. Find the joy activity
This is a great opportunity to discuss optimism and pessimism and how each can affect them in day to day life.

1. Fill a clear glass ½ full for all to see.
2. Have the group divide themselves into how they see it (½ full and ½ empty).
3. Discuss with the girls what it means to be optimistic or pessimistic. Then have them talk about
how they think it can affect their everyday life.
3. Talk about how being optimistic in general will help any person find joy in even the smallest of things.

4. Spread the joy
This activity teaches the girls how to think kind thoughts more regularly.

1. Spread the joy to 3 or more other people before the next meeting.
2. Make sure the girl writes them down for group discussion at the next meeting. Each girl should be able to tell the group why she wrote those words for that person.
For Example: cheering someone up after a bad grade/game, smiling at someone who looks upset, being kind to someone who needs help, etc.

5. Make a descriptive self-portrait
This self-portrait could be anything the kids want to draw that they feel truly best describes them.

3. Have each child draw a picture that they feel best describes themselves
4. When the girls are done drawing have them list words, they feel best to describe
themselves around the picture
5. Discuss how to add more if it is hard to think of words.
6. Have each girl talk about their descriptor words while showing the picture to the group.