Share Your Care

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If for any reason these patches sell out and you'd still like to order some please feel free to contact me and we'll create an interest post on my Facebook group in hopes we can rally others.

Share that you care with this adorable Care Bear inspired patch. 

1. Drop off teddy bears to the police department to give to traumatized children or start a collection and send them to a disaster-stricken area.
2. Go out and pay it forward by sharing just a simple act of kindness.
3. Make a donation
4. Hand out balloons to passersby's with positive messages
5. Treat someone to an ice cream or just leave a dollar enclosed in a Ziploc at a vending machine with a special message.
6. Send a letter to girls in disaster stricken area.
(We actually have troops in our Mad About Fun Patch group from these areas) I will start a post and you can PM the Troop leader.
7. Give a homeless person your doggie bag
8. Make kindness bookmarks and give them away
9. If you get a new item of clothing, give away something
10. Drop off a toy or game at a hospital